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About Jo


Jo is a hospital and university trained registered nurse. She is currently undertaking post graduate research in health and mindfulness for healthcare professionals and post graduate study in human services counselling and psychotherapy.



Jo has qualifications and professional training in mindfulness (MBSR and MBCT), meditation and support counselling, both in Australia and internationally with facilitators from: The Centre for Mindfulness at The University of Massachusetts Medical School; The Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University (UK); Mindful Practice, University of Rochester Medical Centre; and The Mindfulness Training Institute Australasia and Swinburn University. Jo has trained in Hatha, Yin and Iyengar yoga and has participated in mindfulness, meditation and yoga workshops with both senior and international teachers including: Jon Kabat-Zinn, Saki Santorelli, Dr Ron Epstein, Dr Mick Krasner, Timothea Goddard, Judith Hanson Lasater, Paul Gilbert, Alan Wallace, Donna Farhi, Peter Scott, Sarah Powers and many more teachers that she gratefully acknowledges for their craft, guidance and knowledge.



Jo is regularly invited to present on the latest evidence around workplace stress and burnout and the importance of self care. The core programs are the popular 6-8 week Treat® program and the nourishing Treat® Rest & Recovery sessions available to reduce staff fatigue and emotional exhaustion. These sessions have been delivered to Alfred Health staff since 2014 and due to demand have been rolled out to many other organisations.

Also included are supplementary:

Treat® Immersion sessions

2 hour bespoke workshops

Tailored programs that can be specifically designed for corporate education and leadership forums.


These sessions are currently available on zoom due to COVID19 restrictions.



Jo is invited to regularly present on the importance of self awareness and self care for burn out prevention as part of the hospital medical and nursing education, leadership and orientation programs and various medical, health and nursing conferences.




Jo has presented Treat® in London at an international medical research meeting and presented the results of her work and research at the International Conference on Mindfulness in Europe 2018.



Treat® Healthcare clients include: Thrombosis Research Institute - London, Monash University, Alfred Health, Northern Health, Queensland Health, Victoria Police, Arts Centre Melbourne, Smith and Nephew, Tabcorp, Bayer, Queensland Health, Australian Haemophilia Centre, Firbank Grammar and various other hospitals and primary schools.

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Treat, noun: “an event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure”


What is Treat®?

Therapeutic Relaxation And Enhanced Awareness Training or ‘Treat’®

 is a unique staff self care and support program that has been successfully delivered to healthcare staff since 2014.

Treat is more then a well being workshop. Treat is a service that makes sense.

The bespoke Treat sessions and programs are available online during COVID. These are especially tailored to assist individuals, staff team: re-calibrate; re-energise; and re-engage; during their busy and challenging work day and lives.

With Jo's relaxed and practical approach, participants learn how to find important moments of self awareness, calm, and clarity, to help them navigate work and life’s many daily stressors and help support their own health, relationships and well being.

The education, content and practices provided during sessions are 100% evidence based and include:

  • Mindfulness and meditation

  • Emotional regulation skills

  • Health education

  • Self care

  • Fatigue management

  • Self compassion

  • Body awareness and movement

  • Relaxation

  • Stress reduction approaches

  •  Evidence based tools


Why use Treat?

Winner of the people's choice for the Health Round Table Beyond 2019 Shark Tank 
Awarded 2017 Finalist for the Minister for Health's Award for Improving Workforce Wellbeing and Safety
TREAT Works 

Treat has been evaluated extensively and shown to significantly reduce burnout in health professionals (1).

RESULTS of TREAT® session evaluations include:

100% of staff would recommend this program to their colleagues.

99% of staff making positive lifestyle changes

100% of staff felt better able to deal with stress

Jo understands work pressure and stress

She has over thirty years of relevant clinical experience and training as a registered health professional and account manager in hospital, corporate and community arena's. She also has three teenage children, a ridiculously busy husband who works as a doctor and two rescue dogs and cat!

Because there is no anti-stress pill on the market.

An individual's mental and physical health and energy is their and their team's most precious asset, and one that needs to be considered and protected both by themselves and the organisation they work in, long before any signs of burnout or vital exhaustion appear.

Stress spreads.

How we feel has a ripple effect on those we work with and those we care for. This is known as emotional contagion. Staff well being plays a very important role in client and patient safety and satisfaction.


1). Kang M, Selzer R, Gibbs H, Bourke K, Hudaib AR, Gibbs J. Mindfulness-based intervention to reduce burnout and psychological distress, and improve wellbeing in psychiatry trainees: a pilot study. Australas Psychiatry. 2019 Jun;27(3):219-224. doi: 10.1177/1039856219848838





A single session to learn more about Treat


a combination of sessions specifically designed around current staff needs and wellness.

Currently available on zoom



The core 6-8 week TREAT program  where staff can gently learn and practice: self awareness; self care; and simple evidence based tools to reduce the risk of burnout. Includes

60-90 mins weekly sessions or modules delivered over one day.

Currently available on zoom



Popular support sessions especially designed for your staff to re-calibrate and reduce  cognitive, physical and emotional fatigue.

These sessions can range as a one off to weekly sessions.

Available on zoom



Have Jo and her specialised team of architects and designers create a unique space to help enhance staff calm, clarity, creativity and community

Price:  on contact



Bring Treat Home with the free Treat App


"This is something that needs to be considered mandatory within the organisation to have available for all the staff and staff should be able to participate at least once. The overall benefits of TREAT outweigh other health awareness activities that the organisation run.I would highly recommend TREAT for everyone"

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