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Lockdown Sweet Treat-refined sugar free, peanut and chocolate slice.

Are you looking for a delicious good looking snack to break up your day? Something creative and delicious to look forward to? Something easy enough to get off the couch for? Then say hello to gooey, fudgey, peanut and chocolate slice. This is a good looking, tasty, and to top it off, vegan and refined sugar free treat!

Why not turn baking into a new sensory experience. Create some clean space, pick a bunch of herbs or flowers from the garden and put them in a groovy jar or pretty vase, light a candle and put on your favourite playlist. Make this a date with your creative gourmet self. The goal is to switch off from boring chores and repetitive twitter tweets, immerse yourself in a sensory bath of colour, textures, smells and tastes, to create the prettiest healthiest snack even Donna Hay would be proud of. Remember self care doesn't have to be monotonous or scripted. Make it sexy, nourishing, unique and spontaneous. Just like this slice!

Refined-sugar free, gooey chocolate and peanut slice

Takes about 15mins to make.

Bottom layer:

2x cups of oats

1x cup of dates

3x tablespoons of coconut oil

Middle layer

1/2 x cup hot water

1x cup mixed nuts

1x cup peanuts

3x tablespoons of peanut butter

½ cup of maple syrup

Top layer

1/3 cup dark chocolate

Rose petals for decoration


1. Combine in a food processor: oats, dates (pitted) and coconut oil, and blitz until fine. The coconut oil should bind the oats and dates. Use less coconut oil if using Medjool dates

2. Press into a baking pan, lined with paper. Should be a few millimeters thick. Place into freezer whilst making the other layers.

3. For middle layer, use the food processor to blitz the nuts, peanuts, peanut butter, maple syrup and hot water, until a soft, gooey consistency.

4. Press into the pan, as another layer above the first layer. Should be a couple of centimeters thick.

5. Place into freezer.

6. Melt the chocolate on the stove, using a double boiler.

7. Smear over the top of the second layer, sprinkle the rose petals and freeze for at least 30mins.

8. Serve and enjoy <3

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